Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Peony Asian Bistro, my preview for Thanksgiving!

Last week, I had a great excuse to preview what ended up being our Thanksgiving bird (not a big turkey fan, even deep fried or Cajun injected, brined, etc, I just don't excited about that bird).  Being Asian, Peking duck was much on my family's mind for Thanksgiving instead of turkey.  Lunch with a good friend and great conversation rounded out our meal at the only place in town, Peony Asian Bistro, that serves crispy Peking duck.  Chan's northside used to serve Peking duck but stopped doing so over a year or so ago; I remember our sadness when we heard the news. Peony does a nice crispy duck, delicious to sauce up with hoisin and eat as is or put in the pancake with scallions and cucumber. Yes, that's the head, don't freak out, you don't actually eat it.

Notice how the light was shining on the sign, perhaps this was God's plan for me to eat there that day??

They were open on Thanksgiving so I can cook up every dessert and side possible then simply pick up my Peking duck later! LOVE it. Below are the warm, billowy traditional pancakes it comes with.

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